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I LIKE WORK is a delivery platform of OSA's technology companies by the combination of O2O and B2C model, which intended to provide the artists from the United States, Italy, Ukraine, Russia and many other countries for China and Asia foreigndemand for performing arts. From 2014 to 2015,ILIKE WORK has signed a strategic cooperation with many artistbrokerages almost covering the whole Europe.

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Some Interisting Facts

With the prosperity of the entertainment industry, the Chinese market demands for high-quality foreign entertainers. However,foreign artists are facing many problems: misunderstandingwith employers at early time and cannot get salary after work, or even suffered a fraud. I LIKE WORK specifically created a complete website rules to protect the interests of artists: for example, the site real-name authentication, signing labor contracts before the artist came to China, establishing a network-wide blacklist.


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I LIKE WORK transport is not only a resource website, it is also a communication platform for talent show and the international high-end art.Customers not only covering fashion, music, entertainment, but also some foreign multi-industry professionals .

I LIKE WORK team will build the most convenient and efficient channels of communication tothetwo sides of supply and demand ,Closing to foreign talents and domestic enterprise managers, whileenhancing communication and influence andsaving costs, create value for clients!








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Ways to find a job in China quite a lot. This site agencies and groups in social networks and personal contacts, and of course WeChat. However, the difference in culture, traditions and in doing business actively enables different types of scams and fraudsters. Of course, we understand that is practically impossible to control the market tour in China, but the project I Like Work was created not for this.

To become a company that will allow artists to find good work, and employers - reliable and executive artists. Generally, goal setting begins with the words "... to become a leader", "become the biggest company ...", "... to become the first." We want you to understand that for us it is not a competition. Because, if we can create the conditions that will facilitate the work in China for every segment of our customers, so we are not in vain do its job.

To enable actors to find common ground with the Chinese employers, and to ensure the conditions for finding a good job. To help employers to find quality and executive actors.

To achieve the goals we have developed a search engine works with private rooms for employers and job seekers, where users can leave yourself on the most detailed information. In addition to job search on the site is available to "Black List", which is filled on the basis of user requests. Of course, the objectivity in this matter is uncertain, however, we are very hard-filter the information that will enable our users to be sure that these people work is not necessary. We wish you will not fall into our black list.

Meanwhile ,I LIKE WORK will maximum provide the opportunities for the artists show, providing more information for Chinese recruitment agency. The artist can communicate with employers directly. Artist coming to China can work without worries. Providing the most accurate information for the artists. And the labor contract templates as employers. Helpingemployers hire artists legally.

As a major service website, I LIKE WORK has proposed the design conceptof user-friendly, simple and approachable, which carrying out the overall design. With the functions of quick registration, a key login, quick searching.

Among other things, the team I Like Work are constantly working on developing the project. For information about the updates, you can get in the news of the project.


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