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Artist Center Company quickly enough has become one of the most influential company all over Chinese show-market and got the reputation as trustworthy, reliable company either among foreign talents or Chinese clubs. Being the subsidiary company of I.TIME Entertainment Group Co. LTD, Artist Center has taken the responsibility concerning the matters of talents coming to China as well as their further engagement in the clubs.

Nowadays Artist Center is cooperating with plenty of clubs chain all over China and keep cherish new interesting talents to work together. One of the significant features of Artist Center is unique shows of a good quality that demonstrate our talents.

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Some Interisting Facts

Our managers frequently go on a tour with talents , so they are perfectly aware of the features of working in this sphere. This let us directly communicate with talents and strengthen the connections between Artist Center and clubs.


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Our Skills

Artist Center team is at the beginning of its development. During 5 years of our work we provided several hundreds of foreign teams with stable working position. We are also cooperating with the majority of club-chains all over China and foreign managers. The figure of partners cooperating with our company is constantly growing. .


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Our talents



Alla Serebryakov. Russia

"It’s been the third time my dance team come to China, we are cooperating with Artist Center only. I would like to ask Artist Center to accept my sincere gratitude for good attitude and the ability to solve any kind of issues in a second. "

Alejandro Marino. Italy

"I am a talent manager; I am cooperating with Artist Center just for a year and a half. During this time I sent 18 dance team to China. Thanks for beneficial cooperation."

Johnny White. USA

"It’s been my second time working with Artist Center. It has been a pleasure to work together."


What We Do

Currently Artist Center has wide range of service. In particularly, we organize all the travel routine for the celebrities from all over the world. It is considered to be beneficial for our Chinese partners to hire foreign celebrities for the reason that they can count on shows of a good quality. Foreign celebrities are cooperating with us because the managers of Artist Center always solve tour organization , visa , tickets and other kind of issues. More than that, Artist Center guarantee to provide to escorted talent group during the tour in China.


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